"Dogon Mask"

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Medium: Hand Carved Wood, Metal, and Cloth
Dimensions (in): 18" x 11" x 16"
Dimensions (cm): 45.72 x 27.94 x 40.64
Region: Mali
Tribe: Dogon Tribe
Approximate Age: 70 years (1948)
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Condition: Excellent
Certificate of Authenticity Provided

Custom-made mask stand included with your purchase

In Dogon culture, there is a large variety or artwork. For example, an antelope dance mask would be painted in colors such as blue, white, and green with circles that form a continuous line down the middle of the mask. To the left and right of this, there are consecutive curved thick lines running down the side of the mask. This type of wooden carved mask was used for ceremonies to revoke the spirits of their ancient ancestors and to protect the tribe from danger of agricultural starvation.

Dogon masks are concave and rectangular with a vertical ridge. Certain Dogon masks are surmounted by a vertical plank that is similar to the plank on Mossi masks from Yatenga. There are also masks surmounted by the female figure.

In Dogon styles, color and texture are very important. The texture of most pieces are rough and powerful looking. Many artworks have geometric shapes such as circles and triangles.

Dogon masks serve a religious purpose because of the ceremonies for which they are used. Masks give a spiritual sense of pride to their ancestors, while protecting them from danger. Dogon people believe in respecting the dead, and is very essential to their culture.


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