"Lost in a Cave"

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Medium: One of a Kind Hand Carved Spring Stone
Height: 1.8 feet/21 inches, 53 centimeters
Length: 1.3 feet/16 inches, 41 centimeters
Width: 5 inches, 13 centimeters
Region: Zimbabwe, Southern Africa
Artist: Richard Mteki
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Collection: Stone Sculptures
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Provenance Report: "Lost in a Cave"
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Sourcing: Fair Trade
 Certificate of Authenticity Provided

A sculptor of magnificent standing, Mteki's work has been acclaimed both locally and internationally. Mteki's sculptures are tranquil and peaceful. They do not disturb, but rather leave the viewer feeling calm and content. His work is filled with a gentle spiritual presence, usually small and compact, their message is much larger than their scale.

With over 25 years of sculpting experience, Mteki is a master of stone carving. The strength and fluidity of his lines constantly bear witness to his experience. Typically classed, Mteki is a first generation sculptor drawing on the beliefs of the Shona man for the majority of his subject matter, although he is also inspired by nature, occasionally depicting animals in his own distinctive style. The shape of the raw stone is important to Mteki, he chooses to work with the stone rather than impose his will upon it.

What is Shona?
The best of Zimbabwe stone sculpture combines the splendor and solidity of the stone medium with imagery drawn from reality and abstracted into symbolic form. Figures and features that are reminiscent of, yet not quite like, animal, and human forms suggest the creatures and mythological beings that inhabit the realms of the religions and folklore of the Zimbabwean people.

York's Shona Gallery was the first gallery that brought Shona art to the United States.

Why Shona?
· Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments (i.e. garden, terrace)
· Durable and will not dull or erode
· One of a kind pieces
· Marked with artist’s signatures
· Hand carved in Zimbabwe


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