I cannot locate you. Where is your gallery?

While we no longer have a brick and mortar retail space, we continue to service our clients through our website and at art fairs. You can purchase directly on our website or in person at an event. We highly recommend you purchase online rather than waiting until an event because our pieces are one of a kind and may sell out by the time we exhibit. For more information, see Events.


I reside outside of the USA. Are you able to ship to me?

Absolutely. We ship worldwide. Please see Shipping for more information.


I would like more photos of an item. Can you send me more photos?

We are happy to send you additional photos or videos of any item(s) you would like. Please contact us via chat support or email with details.


I would like to see a work(s) in person. Is that possible now that you are exclusively online?

Because York's Shona Gallery has a long-standing reputation, the majority of our clients do not need to see works in person prior to purchase. However, we are happy to make arrangements for a viewing within the NYC-Metro area. Please contact us via chat support or email with the product(s) you would like to view.


I am interested in a piece, but am not sure how to incorporate it with the aesthetic of my home. Can you help?

We understand how crucial positioning is for art, and will definitely work with you to understand how to incorporate a piece or collection into your home or office. Please contact us to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation, video consultation, or explore other options to ensure an acquisition is right for you.


Do you deliver within the New York City-Metropolitan area?

New York City is our home, and is even the namesake of our gallery. Our operations office is located in Manhattan, and our distribution facility is located in Connecticut. Delivery in NYC can be fulfilled within three business days.


Can you provide a certificate of authenticity for a work?

Yes, a certificate of authenticity can be provided upon request.


Do you work with members of the design community?

Yes, we work with interior designers, architects, landscape architects, and design-build firms.



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