"Royal Door"

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Medium: One of a Kind Hand Carved Wood and Brass, Made out of one piece of wood
Length: 7.2 feet/86 inches, 218 centimeters
Length: 2.5 feet/30.5 inches, 77 centimeters
Region: Cameroon, West Africa
Tribe: Bamileke Tribe
Approximate Age: 61 years (1960)
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Item Number: D004
Collection: Decor
Tear Sheet: Available Upon Request
Provenance Report: "Royal Door"
Condition: Excellent; Not previously owned; Undamaged
Sourcing: Fair Trade
 Certificate of Authenticity Provided

“Royal Door” is a one of a kind masterpiece meticulously crafted out of one piece of wood. It is a living testament to the carving skills found among the Bamileke peoples of Cameroon. Among the Bamileke, woodcarving large objects such as “Royal Door” requires a flawlessly executed process: one person harvests the wood, another roughs out the form, a carver refines the details, a sander smooths the surface, and a painter decorates it. Occasionally, one person may complete more than one of the steps, but this division of labor is part of the Bamileke tradition, as working together as a community is highly valued.

In Cameroon, traditional carvings are often covered with symbolic motifs that represent the strength, power, authority, wisdom, and leadership of the fon (Royal leader or king). Royal animals and insects include the powerful elephant, buffalo, leopard, lion (center of door), python, scorpion, and crocodile.

“Royal Door” is about 7 feet tall, instantly grabbing attention with its size impression. It comes complete with a custom metal stand to hold it upright, or it can be leaned against a wall without the custom stand. Only one piece is available.


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