"Antique Chair"

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Medium: One of a Kind Hand Carved Antique Jarrah Wood
Height: 3.6 feet/43 inches, 109 centimeters
Length: 1.5 feet/18 inches, 46 centimeters
Region: Zimbabwe, Southern Africa
Approximate Age of Wood: 155 years (1868)
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Provenance Report: "Antique Chair"
Condition: Excellent; Not previously owned; Undamaged
Sourcing: Fair Trade
 Certificate of Authenticity Provided

The Antique Railroad Chair is a comfortable, sleek, elegant chair. It features a  carving of elephant and palm tree in center. This rare, handmade, authentic piece hails from Zimbabwe. The wood specifically is Jarrah Wood, a wood indigenous to Australia, which was brought to Zimbabwe 150 years ago for the construction of railroad tracks. Post-Colonialism, the railroads were demolished, and the wood from the railroad tracks were upcycled for the construction of our beautiful furniture collection.

Remarkably, you can see the spikes from the railroads in each piece in our collection. Jarrah is also an endangered species of wood and almost impossible to find. In fact, York's Shona Gallery is the only outlet where you can find Jarrah furniture in the United States.

The wood is extremely dense and solid, meaning there isn't a scrap of plywood anywhere to be found in this luxurious bookcase. We assure you that bookcase is of the highest quality, and will last not only your life, but your children, your grandchildren, and great grandchildren. The engineering of the product is even more impressive, as it is made without any screws. Jarrah dowels are hand placed for structural integrity, making this piece exponentially stronger than conventional furniture which uses screws made of commercial base metal. It can accommodate extremely heavy weights (for example, if you are an athlete or worried about furniture breaking) easily.

Additionally, the piece is worry-free. It comes fully assembled, and absolutely no maintenance is required while you’re using it. The luster and unique finish of the Jarrah will remain intact for many years.

Please note this piece is sourced 100% fair trade from our friends in Zimbabwe. We at York's Shona Gallery are a small family business and each of our pieces are hand crafted by small businesses in Africa. These are folks we have known for over 30 years and have great relationships with. We humbly donate a portion of each purchase to fund education and hunger initiatives across the African continent.

Each piece is stamped for authenticity on the piece itself and comes with a certificate of authenticity for your records. Please click “Request Price” if you are interested and our customer service team with contact you with prompt, friendly service.

The Story
More than a century ago, Jarrah wood was imported to Africa from Australia to build railways. These railways ploughed across Africa, swallowing up unlimited amounts of precious hardwoods which had been growing and maturing since ancient times. Since Jarrah wood is an immensely dense timber, it was subjected to the full rigors of a sub-tropical climate. Nature herself stamped each sleeper with its own individual character. Its distinctive blend of beauty and practicality lends it to use for both elegant furniture and innovative construction. Jarrah is an excellent choice for everything from tables and desks, to countertops and cabinets, to headboards and doors.


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