Antique Railroad Collection

More than a century ago, railways ploughed across Africa, swallowing up unlimited amounts of precious hardwoods which had been growing and maturing since ancient times. Laid as railway sleepers, Jarrah wood, immensely dense timbers, were subjected to the full rigors of a sub-tropical climate. Nature herself stamped each sleeper with its own individual character.
Jarrah, a species of Eucalyptus unique to the south west region of Western Australia, is a spectacular hard wood known for its remarkable durability, extreme density, and warm, rich colors. Its distinctive blend of beauty and practicality lends it to use for both elegant furniture and innovative construction. Jarrah is an excellent choice for everything from tables and desks, to countertops and cabinets, to headboards and doors.
Jarrah is an ecologically correct timber. It is logged from a 5 million acre farm owned by the Australian government and carefully controlled by the Department of Conservation and Land Management. The volume of timber harvested annually is closely monitored.
The wood has personality and one of the interesting qualities of Jarrah is its ability to merge seamlessly with a variety of decorating styles and settings. A Jarrah piece can instantly become the focal point within any room or simply compliment the space’s visual impact. Jarrah is a rich reddish brown hardwood with a clean smooth surface and dense grain. No two slabs are identical. Each one possesses its own sophisticated “thumbprint”, ensuring a unique finished product. Each item of furniture is pain-stakingly assembled by hand incorporating the natural imperfections which in turn become cherished possessions and heirlooms for tomorrow.



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