John Type

John grew up in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. He started sculpting in 1989 with a sculptor called Kennedy Migeal, working as his assistant. After a year or so, John started sculpting in his own right.

John Type prefers to sculpt in abstract form and captures the grace and movement of each subject. Each piece tells a story, stemming from experience and inspiration in his surrounding environment.

Type believes he is gifted by God to create such art forms, as he is the only one in his family in the trade. He has an ability to use the natural and spiritual elements of stone to create works that are incredibly expressive, specifically of movement and formation.

The majority of Type's works are in private collections around the world, including Germany, Canada, Belgium, Holland, the US, and the UK.

York's Shona Gallery is proud to present Type's "Fresh Woman." Click below for more information.



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