Joseph Tozo

Joseph Tozo was born in 1946 in Mutare, Zimbabwe.

He lives and works in Chitungwiza and is married with four children. While he was still young, he left school to assist his brother in Mutare, who worked as a sculptor in both stone and wood. After spending some years apprenticing with his brother in 1979, he followed his artistic aspirations and went to Victoria Falls to join the Forest Craft Village artist’s community.

There, he furthered his technical education as a stone carver and explored his personal philosophy on art while developing his distinct style. He is now a resident artist at the Canon Paterson Craft Center where he continues to work alongside other well-known stone sculptors.

Tozo prefers to work in harder stones such as verdite, golden serpentine and serpentine. He is counted among some of the best stone sculptors of his generation. His work continues to be collected internationally by private collectors and institutions. He is an inspiration to younger artists who admire his technical use of stone. He is praised for his tender subject matter, which is usually inspired by his wife and children as well as the traditional values of his community.

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