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Medium: One of a Kind Hand Carved Wood
Length: 2.4 feet/29 inches, 74 centimeters
Height: 1.6 feet/19 inches, 48 centimeters
Region: Kenya, East Africa
Approximate Age: 34 years (1988)
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Item Number: SF003
Collection: Safari
Tear Sheet: Available Upon Request
Provenance Report: "Elephant"
Condition: Excellent; Not previously owned; Undamaged
Sourcing: Fair Trade
 Certificate of Authenticity Provided

Our incredible elephant sculpture made out of one piece of wood requires a painstaking amount of hand carving to achieve the texture of the ears, skin, trunk, and and the rest of the body.

Elephants are known as the keystone herbivorous species of Africa. The African elephant’s natural habitats are geographically located in south, central, and east Africa in dense forest and deserts. Elephants are of great cultural importance in Africa. For example, elephants appear in jewelry such as rings and bracelets that are made from elephant’s hair to ward off evil spirits or magic. In African fables, African elephants are viewed as the wise leaders, who settle debates among the other forest animals. They also symbolize good luck, especially when the trunk is pointed upwards, such as in this statue.


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