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Our signature, our best seller. Thousands have been shipped worldwide, from Japan, to Brazil, to right here in New York City. They have been sought out by celebrities like Spike Lee, George Clooney, Melanie C, and Eartha Kitt.
Our giraffes are hand carved and hand painted in Zambia from one piece of pure teak wood. Each giraffe has a unique, organic posture. Some are more elegant, exemplifying female giraffes. Others are more rigid and statuesque, exuding male characteristics. Giraffes that smaller in height are more fragile and delicate lend themselves to a child form. They are usually purchased in multiples, with each giraffe representing each member of one’s family.
We have giraffes up to 16 feet tall. They are expertly packaged to arrive in one piece with no assembly required.

Medium: Pure Teak Wood - Made from One Piece of Wood 

Dimensions (in): Ranges from 1 foot - 16 feet

Dimensions (cm): Ranges from  60.96 cm - 4.26 meters

Region: Zambia, Southern Africa

Tribe: Bushmen Tribe

Availability: All Heights In Stock, Available to Ship Immediately.

For pricing of giraffes from 10-16 feet, please contact us

Item Number: G001

Collection: Giraffe

Tear Sheet: "Giraffe"

Provenance Report: "Giraffe"

Condition: Excellent; Not previously owned; Undamaged

Sourcing: Fair Trade

*Sold individually. Price listed is per piece


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Large Giraffes

We have 40 years of experience shipping large giraffes. Please contact us with the giraffe height you're purchasing and we will provide a detailed shipping quote.



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