Gerald Takawira

The late Gerald Takawira was born in Nyanga, South Africa in 1964. Takawira took an interest in sculpture from an early age, admiring and following his fathers work, the late John Takawira, one of the most respected and esteemed First Generation Shona sculptors. From the age of 13, Takawira would assist his father with the more tedious work of sand papering his father's sculptures. He worked alongside his father until the time of his death in 1989. Since that time, until 1998, Takawira worked alongside his brother at their farm in Harare, Zimbabwe.

In 1998, Takawira went to Chapungu sculpture Park as a member of the artists residency program. In his own unique way, Takawira is an extremely articulate sculptor with a good feel for his media. He is able to respect the surface tension of a stone and incorporate it harmoniously into his sculpture.

Lepidolite, or leopard stone, one of the hardest stones, presents no problem for Takawira. His large pieces are known to be healing to the eye, and he first exhibited these pieces in the Second-Generation exhibition in Cape Town in 1998. Since then, Gerald’s work has gained worldwide recognition, exhibiting in many parts of Europe and the United States. 

What is impressive about Gerald’s work is its originality. He has resisted the temptation of following his father’s style and has developed a style that is unique in Zimbabwe. Takawira emerged from the great shadow of his famous father and forged his own rightful place amongst the sculptors of Zimbabwe.




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